Sunday, February 7, 2010

Improving English - iDea 4: Find a Learning Partner

This iDea is one of the keys to your success in improving English.

Before we dig this iDea, let's try to understand who this  'learning Partner' is. A learning partner is the one who shares your journey of learning. One who mingles with you frequently to share his new knowledge. One who listens to your new understandings. One who collaborates and cooperates with you until both of you achieve your common goal of learning English. This partner can be your classmate, colleague, a friend, relative or just an enthusiastic learner. If both of you share the same boat, then obviously this partnership propels both of you forward, without any doubt.   

Let's get into the details...
Whether you like it or not you are influenced by the people around you. What they say, what they do, how they behave, how they respond, everything leaves an impression on you and in some way or the other they reflect in your behavior too. Then why not make this influence more positive and life changing. The rest of the article tells how to take this insight to our own advantage.

Our fourth innovative idea has the foundations on the above principle. Let me put it this way: if you are influenced by the people around you, then on the same token, you too can influence the people around you.
The logic is that simple. Now let’s first understand how we should behave, before finding a learning partner. If something we are hoping for isn’t happening, if something we are waiting for isn’t turning up, then only one thing should be changed: Our thinking.

The way we think effects everything we wish for. It is the ‘cause’ for all the effects we receive in our lives. The better your thinking, the richer your results;  

How can the other person shall get ready to partner with us unless we are worthy of it. So let's understand how to prepare ourselves before hunting our learning partner.

Steps to increase our worthiness for a learning partnership:  

  • Be enthusiastic about English; think, talk, and work on the improvement of the language. 
  • Turn leisure time into learning time; this creates a positive vibration within you and sooner or later it spreads all around. Good things can’t be hidden too long.
  •  Share the words you learned; the best way to learn is to share; the more you give, the more you receive.

Now as you continue with the above points for some time, say 2 weeks, then you can start hunting for a partner. Find a person who has enthusiasm and zeal to learn English.

You may wonder and may think 'Is all this really needed to learn English?' My answer is simply this: We are learning English not in a conventional way but in a new and creative way. This system makes you learn the language from the inside out. Once you implement these techniques, you will never forget the language. It leaves an impact beyond your imagination. In order to yield new results, we have to plant new methods. 
The good thing about this system is if you follow the above 3 points to 100%, instead of you finding your partner, your partner will find you. Yes! I promise.
Now you have got a partner! What next?
What both of you should do?

  • Share each others' knowledge
  • Find new words
  • Teach a topic
  • Explore new insights in English
  • Experiment with speaking
  • Test each others' ability
  • Mingle in English conversations
  • Write one page articles in just 9 minutes
  • Test your progress once a week
  • Celebrate your small victories
Benefits of this partnership

  • Productivity speeds up
  • Synergy brings new energy
  • You will taste the joy of learning English becomes easy
  • Progress takes new heights

This system makes the best use of your togetherness. You will understand what ‘quality time’ is. As you progress you can (and surely will) invent new tactics of learning and you will feel elated in your new found knowledge.

Some tips to continue this relationship healthily: 

  • Schedule your meeting time as per each other’s convenience
  • Never force the other person, if he is busy
  • If you are unable to turn up to a scheduled time, inform the same to your partner the day before
  • Not all the people will have same pace of catching the things, so allow your partner some breathing space so that he feels confident
  • Respect each others' abilities
  • Help each other to fill the weak spots
Moreover be super charged and encourage the progress.

let the hunt begin, it would be better if your potential partner too has the same level of enthusiasm and positiveness as you have. But it would even better if he is smarter than you. Finally, it would be great if he/she is an understanding friend! 

Comment or Consult me if you have any doubts in the implementation of this idea.
Happy Hunting! -ajaY vegeSna